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Late 2013

Linux / Mac / PC


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Red Rover is a first-person exploration game combining influences from Myst, Proteus, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Balancing plausible science-fiction with surreal setpieces, Red Rover is part travelogue and part speculation: as players engage in an active exploration of real and accurate physical space, they also reveal an abstract and interconnected narrative spanning both time and the non-Euclidean space between the worlds themselves.


Inspired by simulated footage of the NASA Mars landings, Nick Rudzicz originally conceived of Red Rover as a straightforward, arcade-like Lunar Lander clone. Developed in the spare time between day jobs and studies, however, the concept slowly evolved to eschew the more fantastical, blockbuster science-fiction video game tropes for a more relaxed and contemplative approach to space travel. Nick recently quit his day job to work with friends Saleem Dabbous and Bronson Zgeb at the nascent KO-OP Mode game design collective, where the food and coffee are noticeably better.


  • Walk on the surface of Mars, as recreated from the most accurate NASA data available.
  • Experience dreamlike exploration set against a backdrop of plausible science-fiction speculation.
  • Uncover a storyline spanning from centuries past to the distant future.
  • Walk on the surface of Mars! Come on, that's exciting.


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Updates and more on the development blog: newton64.ca.

About KO_OP

KO_OP is a unique, award-winning game studio focused on the creation of visually arresting avant-garde games. Inviting collaboration between artists, programmers, and designers from a multitude of backgrounds, KO_OP focuses on rapid prototyping and communal support to encourage exploration and experimentation in the medium.

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Red Rover Credits

Nick Rudzicz
Artist-in-residence, KO-OP Mode

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